Ballad of Rick Santorum

This song is not meant to be a serious critique of Rick Santorums policies or beliefs, simply a satirical commentary on a public figure. This IS NOT intended to be a threat to this individual’s safety or reputation. Please do not take this seriously, and everyone just chill out.

First video! — “Hump on the Moon” is live! In color! (and HD!)

Brand new video!  Orson Welles came back from the dead to tell us we did a great job.  Watch as dragons hump and uke strings undulate and arrows fly.  Pass it on!

Also, you can now get to our website by simply typing into your browser.  Yay!

Hump on the Moon

A new track, Hump on the Moon, is now available from our new bandcamp store! For just one dollar, you can download the track in any format you like – MP3, FLAC, whatever pleases you. One single dollar! Unfiltered, unedited, just good stuff.

As always, you can stream the whole track right in your browser for free.

Even better, there will be a truly fantastic music video for Hump on the Moon VERY soon! It’s in post production! Stay tuned.

one brand new track about … wait, there’s more than one here

Hump on the Moon!

Never Gonna…Brain Come

Facebook Friends

Man on Fire

Jenny’s in the Cornfield New Take!

Jesus Loves Everyone (But You)

and finally… Be Strange

Alex Drinks A Beer & other Toot Toots

Here we have a complete version of Alex Drinks A Beer, with guitar by Alex.  (Nevermind the silliness before the song begins.)

Also, tootin’ on a weird machine and fun outtakes.  Sorry for the long delay in posts, but check back soon for much more!


Bass courtesy of B-Pav.

Rough Cut: Fatty Meat Bodies

Just a sample of things to come…
“Fatty Meat Bodies” !

Snowman kickin’ it in winter

We found this fellow chilling outside of Ukeuza HQ.

We wonder if warmer weather has caused him to flee the scene.

New songs

Coming soon

Every body likes dave

Calling in dead today

Fatty meat bodies

Alex Drinks A Beer, Meth Labs, and more

There’s not a whole lot else to say about that, really.

There is, however, another brand new song:

“Meth Lab!”

Additionally, there have been re-recordings of several original songs.

Coolest Thing in the World (definitive edition)

Jenny’s in the Cornfield

I Like You

Pluck Me Til I Strum

A work in progress…



Banter for…

I Will Survive!

New York City (by They Might Be Giants)!

It’s a little cut off.
We tried rerecording it.

It didn’t work out as good.

Hope you enjoy all of the new material.  More to come.  And join us on Facebook for fun daily crayfish facts.

Finally, just a bit more banter.