Ruining Your Favorite Songs

Hi everybody.

This is Zack from the Ukeuza.

Thank you for visiting our intronet webtacular wed site.  You must really be bored. I mean to be viewing this web site when there is a  universe of internet pornography only a few double clicks away, you must really love us, or you’re all wanked out.  Either way, thank you.

I hereby offer our services to you.  As you can see on the right hand side of this page there is a list of links to songs that we have ruined.  If you would like us to ruin one of your favorite songs please comment on this thread.  I promise that Justin and I will get inebriated and do our absolute best to completely butcher, and forever ruin your favorite song.  If you wish may even suggest the variety of alcohol you feel is best suited for this endeavor.  Thank you for your cooperation… that is all


About ukeuza

The Uke-Uza is a band by Zack Butler and Justin Raymond, two mean dudes with two mean ukuleles. Here you will find weird covers of classic songs, demos of original tracks, and other general jerking off. Enjoy! View all posts by ukeuza

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