Alex Drinks A Beer, Meth Labs, and more

There’s not a whole lot else to say about that, really.

There is, however, another brand new song:

“Meth Lab!”

Additionally, there have been re-recordings of several original songs.

Coolest Thing in the World (definitive edition)

Jenny’s in the Cornfield

I Like You

Pluck Me Til I Strum

A work in progress…



Banter for…

I Will Survive!

New York City (by They Might Be Giants)!

It’s a little cut off.
We tried rerecording it.

It didn’t work out as good.

Hope you enjoy all of the new material.  More to come.  And join us on Facebook for fun daily crayfish facts.

Finally, just a bit more banter.


About ukeuza

The Uke-Uza is a band by Zack Butler and Justin Raymond, two mean dudes with two mean ukuleles. Here you will find weird covers of classic songs, demos of original tracks, and other general jerking off. Enjoy! View all posts by ukeuza

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