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“The Dirty Microphone” Sessions

No, this is not a reference to where our microphones may or may not have been.

The following are both funny sound bites and full song tracks … although we did get a few good songs from this night, we discovered too late that there was an issue in the recording process. Something was causing the mic to give some darn annoying noise. Regardless, here are some MP3s for your listening pleasure.

“That’s a nice scale”

“Coolest Thing in the World” Version 2

“Book of Love” cover [I’m not sure if this qualifies as ruining your favorite songs????]

“Morning Wood” stream of consciousness

“Road to Love” Work in Progress


Another video! “I Like You”

And we think you will like this, too.

Video: Pluck Me Til I Strum!

Check it out!

Camels & Eggplant

Justin: i am gonna put that eggplant drawing up
Zack: I hate eggplant. which one?
Justin: the one with you on a camel
Zack: oh, ok. if you must.

Ruining Your Favorite Songs

Hi everybody.

This is Zack from the Ukeuza.

Thank you for visiting our intronet webtacular wed site.  You must really be bored. I mean to be viewing this web site when there is a  universe of internet pornography only a few double clicks away, you must really love us, or you’re all wanked out.  Either way, thank you.

I hereby offer our services to you.  As you can see on the right hand side of this page there is a list of links to songs that we have ruined.  If you would like us to ruin one of your favorite songs please comment on this thread.  I promise that Justin and I will get inebriated and do our absolute best to completely butcher, and forever ruin your favorite song.  If you wish may even suggest the variety of alcohol you feel is best suited for this endeavor.  Thank you for your cooperation… that is all


Welcome to the site.  We just moved to this location, so there’s still some content to be added.  For now, check out all the songs to the right!  “The Songs” are originals, and there are a few versions for some of them.  “Coming Soon” lists songs that are written, but need to be recorded, or recorded properly.  “Rough Covers” are just that.  Rough covers.


So, enjoy, and let us know what you think!  Check back soon for more…