I Like You

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NOTICE: you do not have permission to re-record or redistribute this material for profit.  see US code tittle 17 chapter 11.


WARNING: This song is a joke. It is written from the point of view of a character who is not me or anyone I know. If this song offends you…good. That means that you are a mentally healthy, decent human being. If you are not offended, seek help. And please don’t sue, I have no money and did not make you listen to this song.

[C] Cats like sleepin out in the shade
[F] Bees like buzzin round your lemonade
[G] Dogs like chewin up your favorite shoe
[C] Fish like swimin under your canoe
[F] Birds like trees
[G] Mice like cheese
[C] Flowers like swayin in the breeze

and [F] I [G] like [C] you
[F] I [G] like [C] you

[C] Irishmen like to drink and fight
[F] Arabs like to terrorize your airline flight
[G] Italians like to slick back their hair
[C] Latinos like to labor in their everywhere
[F] Jews like money
[G] Whites like power
[C] Blacks like to anal rape them in the shower

And [F] I [G] like [C] you
[F] I [G] like [C] you

[C] John Wayne Gacy liked to clown around
[F] The Zodiac Killer liked to not be found
[G] Ted Bundy liked to travel across the nation
[C] Jeffrey Dahmer liked interior decoration
[F] Some like girls,
[G] some like boys
[C] The Unibomber just liked to bring the noise

And [F] I [G] like[C] you
[F] I [G] like [C] you

There’s [Dm] so many things
And [G] so many likes
Like [C] both the lesbian and the dutchmen [F] love to finger dykes
I [Dm] think I know what I’m [G] gonna do
Gonna [C] make a list of things I [F] like about [G] you…

[C] I like how you ordered me to stay away
[F] like going through your mail when you’re on holiday
[G] I like how you walk faster when I follow you
[C] I like going through your trash and search your panties too
[F] I like your hair
[G] I like your face
I [C] like the way the dog you bought to scare me tastes
Yes [F] I [G] like [C] you!
[F] I [G] like [C] you

…I wanna wear your [C7] skin!

The original recording…


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