Stool Sample


Stool Sample is the forthcoming debut album by The Uke-Uza, an interesting conglomerate of original songs.  An album of many delights!  Please, preview each of the tracks.

1 Disemboweled
2 Uke Uza Theme
3 Worms
4 I Like You
5 Pluck Me
6 Coolest Thing
7 Stickin’ to Wankin’
8 Hump on the Moon
9 Never Gonna Write A Song (For You Girl)
10 Brain Come
11 Brain Come 2
(Jesus Loves Everyone But You)
12 Automoton
13 These Aren’t My Flippers
14 Bugs on my Balls
15 Carol
16 Beth
17 Alex Drinks A Beer
18 Long Bus to Hell
19 Afraid to Fart
20 Fatty Meat Bodies
21 Your New Boyfriend’s Gay
22 Jenny’s in the Cornfield
23 (Bon-a-nus Track) Be Strange


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